Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We had a wonderful week off from school/work! We hung around the house and just took it easy. We were waiting on our concrete to get poured and had several home projects going on so we decided to just hang around and not make any plans! This was a change for us because usually we try to pack as many things in as possible! I brought the stroller in Sunday night and cleaned it up and told Madi we would walk this week. I caught her waiting in her stroller Monday morning ready to go! I could really tell she is turning into a little girl this week. She was so good and fun to hang around with!

We tried out a new park and couldn't believe it...we ran into Tanner, Easton and their grandpa there! The kid's had a fun time playing together and Madi loved going to a different park. She loves the tire swing so of course we had to order one for the backyard with her birthday giftcards! She is going to be so excited when it gets here!

Now that's a lot of sand! And yes...most of it went in Madi's new sandbox! Thanks daddy for my awesome new sandbox!

FINALLY...we have concrete for our new patio! We are so excited to have a new patio! We still have lots to do (replace boards on the house, build new steps out of the back door, and add a roof) but for now we are so excited! Madi and I worked on setting up the furniture and planting flowers after the concrete dried!

Our little dancing diva...what can I say...Madi loves to dance! I just caught her dancing away one afternoon and thought I would share these pics :)

Mrs. Stacey and Hannah came over for a playdate. We then went to eat, shop and stopped for some ice cream! The girls had such a great time together. We miss you already Hannah!

Madi got a 20/50 on her vision test during her 4 year check up so Dr. Hornbeck recommended that we get a full eye exam. We went to see Dr. Harrel. He was so nice and Madi was such a big girl and the GREAT news....she passed so no glasses for now! She scored a 20/30 in both eyes and he wants to see her back in one year. Yippee!

We got to see the Hagar's this week! Mrs. Stacey and her little girl, Hannah were in town and we had such a great time catching up and letting the girls play. Stacey and I decided really quick though if she still lived here we would be in trouble because we can still marathon shop with two crazy gals tagging along...let's just say the girls hung with us shopping until 10:30 one night!

We went to visit daddy at work one day! Madi had fun seeing the horses, donkey and even Tater!

Tater, Mr. Ken's dog...

Playing with Tanner and Easton...

Nana and Papa came to visit the last day of our Spring Break! We had a great afternoon hanging out with them and grilling out! Madi loves all of her new goodies especially her cookies :)
Hanging out with Nana...

Hanging out with Papa...

Sassy loves the new sandbox too!

A tea party with Nana!


rae said...

So glad you guys had a great Spring Break! Look like so much fun!

Sheila said...

this is a wonderful blog page. You guys just made me smile. I am so happy to know you.

Stacy Hagar's Thirty-One Gifts said...

We had a BLAST with yal too! I am so thankful that no matter the distance, you are truly one of my dearest friends and our girls are so close in age that they can enjoy a great friendship. We miss you too!

vbbusbea said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun this Spring Break!