Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sassy Fairy

Well, we have been telling Madi when she turns 4 it's going to be time to give up her beloved sassy's (paci's). We talked about it a lot yesterday and she agreed to leave them for the sassy fairy to come get and take to babies that needed them....so last night she did it! She put them (umm...about 12) under her pillow. That was just a little too tempting though...we ended up having to move them to the coffee table and she went to sleep pretty easy. The fairy came and got the sassy's, left her a sweet note, the baby Ariel doll she has been wanting and lots of fairy dust! She was excited to find it all this morning. She asked for a sassy once this morning and cried for one once this afternoon...we will see how tonight goes. Now, I am going to be honest...I think this is harder on momma than Madi...oh she loves those sassy's :(

Monday, February 21, 2011

Madi turned 4 today and we have all had a wonderful day! She woke up to John and I singing Happy Birthday to her in bed with a cupcake and candles...and yes she had a cupcake in bed for breakfast..haha! She had a great day at school and even had a little party there. After school Aunt Kim and Uncle Tony took her for ice cream and to Build A Bear then we headed to TaMolly's for dinner. After dinner we went by Ree Ree's house to visit. We have all had a very fun filled day. We are very blessed that Madi is so adored by everyone. Thanks to all of our family and friends for making her day so special! (and she is looking forward to the rest of the week for some special visitors!)

Good Morning!

Happy Birthday Sweet Madi Girl!

Madi woke up to find a room full of balloons! She actually woke up at midnight and found them and came and woke us up because she couldn't figure out what was going on...then climbed in bed with us :)

I'm 4!!!!

Madi's lunch date...daddy surprised her!

Madi's School Party!

TaMolly's for Madi's Birthday Dinner!

Thanks Ree Ree for the new Barbie horse!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bye Bye Deck

John finished tearing down the deck today...now to get it ready for a new patio!

Birthday Party Fun!

On Saturday Madi had 2 birthday parties to go to! Chloe had a pajama and pancake party then we went to Melaina's Mad Hatter Tea Party. The girls had a ball dressing up with Melania's dress up clothes :)

A visit with Nicholas and Nevin

I helped with the National Board retreat for teachers this weekend so we got to see Uncle Brian, Aunt Tricia, Nicholas and Nevin. While Tricia and I worked a little that morning Madi got to visit and have breakfast with Uncle Brian and the boys!

Valentines Day 2011

We had a wonderful Valentines Day! Madi woke up and got her Valentines before school. I got a break that morning so I got to go visit her in her class. She has wonderful teachers and such a sweet little class! And I got a very special surprise from daddy! A precious necklace and he also cooked up a wonderful Valentines dinner...steaks, potatoes and mushrooms! Thanks daddy :)

Twas' the night before Valentines!

Last Sunday it was absolutely beautiful outside so daddy got started on tearing the deck down and Madi and I started on Valentine goodies. We baked chocolate chip cookies, muffins and of course cupcakes! Madi still found time to put on her fairy wings and do a little dancing! :)

Church 2-13-11

Here are a couple of pictures after church last Sunday!

Sports Show

Last Saturday we headed to the Sports Show. Madi's favorite part is always the petting zoo. It was a beautiful day to get out!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Again!

Well, we were out of school Monday due to snow. We went Tuesday and have been home Wednesday and Thursday! We have made a big tent, played babies, Barbies, colored, played the Wii Dance game and tried to keep ourselves busy. Daddy stayed home with us today and we had a great lazy day together :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Snow Day!

Well, we had another snow day! We played outside, made a small snow girl(fairy princess). When we got too cold we brought the snow in with us to play with. Madi had a ball playing in the snow making snow soup! She also had fun cuddling with daddy on the couch and even fixing his hair while he tried to take a nap:)