Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sassy Fairy

Well, we have been telling Madi when she turns 4 it's going to be time to give up her beloved sassy's (paci's). We talked about it a lot yesterday and she agreed to leave them for the sassy fairy to come get and take to babies that needed them....so last night she did it! She put them (umm...about 12) under her pillow. That was just a little too tempting though...we ended up having to move them to the coffee table and she went to sleep pretty easy. The fairy came and got the sassy's, left her a sweet note, the baby Ariel doll she has been wanting and lots of fairy dust! She was excited to find it all this morning. She asked for a sassy once this morning and cried for one once this afternoon...we will see how tonight goes. Now, I am going to be honest...I think this is harder on momma than Madi...oh she loves those sassy's :(


rae said...

That is so sweet! I hope she does okay tonight!

natalie said...

she's gonna be a champ mom! don't worry and don't cry! love you all!!