Friday, January 7, 2011

Conversation with Madi :)

On the way home from dance last night Madi told me she wanted Old McDonald's...which is McDonald' here is the rest of the conversation....
Mom, "Madi, would you like a hamburger or chicken nuggets?"
Madi, "I want ice cream, chocolate ice cream and that's it."
Mom, "You can have some ice cream after you eat dinner."
Madi, "Oh mom, just relax...I just want ice cream...just don't tell dad."

She is quite the character these days. By the way if you ever order her a hamburger from Old McDonald's she likes is with no cheese, pickles or seeds. She calls the onions seeds :)

She did something else really funny this week. She was doing something (can't remember what now) but I said very firmly, "Madi, I am watching you." She turns around, looks at me very serious and says, "I'm watching you too" as she pointed her fingers to her eyes and then pointed to me.....where does she come up with this stuff????

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rae said...

LOL!! Oh my goodness, I love it! She is too funny!